Buy / Sell – Gold

Buy / Sell – Gold


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Gold Can Be A Very Rare Metal For Sure. However, the rare color that you get with gold is truly the best thing. The soft metallic appeal and glow that it has is something that gives it the pricey appeal.

Buy / Sell – Gold


In the purest of the form, gold can be defined as a yellow shiny metal that is inactive chemically. Au is the chemical symbol of gold and it gets the name from the Latin word Aurum.

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The specific gravity for gold is about 19.4. Also, it is considered to be one of the heaviest metals that we have. Being chemically inert, gold completely resists oxidation. So, the brilliance of it is never diminished.

The versatility and the popularity of gold are not unknown to different ancient artifacts. Known to be one of the most malleable and ductile of the metals, gold certainly invites a large group of craftsmen and artisans to build its entirety into different ornaments, icons and symbols of currency.