Open Collateral A/C

Open Collateral Account


We All Know That

With the help of this amazing service, you will be able to save some money on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis. You will also get a 10% interest rate on the collateral that you have. That is certainly more than what the banks can provide.

All you have to do link up the debit card that you have with the bank account and you are all set.

Open Collateral Account


Lorem – You save time by non-visiting pay-desks of utility companies and by avoiding queues to pay your monthly bills. You can check and pay your obligations at any time through electronic banking.Lorem

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Get 10% interest rates on the collateral of yours
There is no limit to setting the goals
The account is credited for free after the collateral period is over
You will be able to control the ATM card or Debit card of yours from your phone. Also, blocking the card is possible during security risks.